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No matter how old we are, bedtime stories are important. They exist because the last moments of each day are significant. We fill our children’s minds with happy and safe thoughts before they sleep, so they feel loved and have good dreams. This helps them rest and recharge.


Don’t we need that, too?

Life is filled with stress and pressure. There are a million things that make us forget the light we carry within. Day by day it grows dim. Instead of dreaming, we often lie awake, worrying about bills, jobs, and even shoelaces!


It’s time to set things back in order. Choose to spend a few moments each night with love. Love yourself, your partner, your family. Be reminded how 

extraordinary you are.

I wrote these books because we need bedtime stories no matter how old we are. We deserve to feel safe, loved, and celebrated before we fall asleep.


My hope is that as you read these words, you allow them to soak deep into your soul. Watch what happens next. 


I promise you – it’s a game changer. 

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