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Everyone has that person in their life.

You know who I mean.

That person who just ‘gets’ you, who makes everything better, who brings out the best in you. They don’t have to say a word or even be nearby. Knowing they are in your life is enough.


It’s hard to find the words to tell them how special they are; how much their love and support means. And let’s be honest. It’s often difficult to move past the busyness in life to remember to tell them that you appreciate everything they offer. This book is a celebration of the incredible relationship the two of you share. Maybe it’s a friend, or a parent, a partner, or a child.


This book can help you express your deep appreciation.If you received this bedtime story, take delight in the fact that someone recognizes how important you are. Allow your soul to fill with joy. You mean the world to someone and that is worth celebrating.

"Every page in this book makes me happy. The message and illustrations are what we need more of in the world.  I gave this book to my boyfriend and one to my best friend.  It was the perfect way to let them both know how much they mean to me.  I forgot how great it was to read a bedtime story! Can't wait for more from Rebecca B!"

-Melissa A - Murray, Utah

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