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Young or old, it’s easy to forget that you put the extra in extraordinary. We wrote a book to remind you that you can do anything. Each page of "The World is Your Oyster" is filled with affirmation and encouragement meant to delight your heart and soul. 


When things are too difficult and you're ready to give up, stop right there. Remember how amazing you are. And just in case that isn't working, we're here to cheer you on and let you know a whole world of people is rooting for you. It’s a loud clap, a standing ovation, a gigantic cheer, and an epic parade. Join the fun and let’s celebrate you!

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"This amazing book with gorgeous illustration encourages children of all ages to know how important they are to the world.  Wonderful descriptors remind children that they belong, that  they are loved, that they are a "magnificent wonder."  There is nothing they can't do because the world is their oyster.  Read this book with your kids over and over to help build their self-esteem and dream of having a great big life!"          

                                                - Diane Greenwood Muir

Author of the Bellingwood Series

Stratford, IA


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