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What I know About You

With all the chaos happening around us, there are so many things in short demand. Toilet paper, Lysol, bread, at times even patience. I was caught in the whirlwind of panic shoppers last week as we raided our grocery store trying to get what we needed to hunker down.

As I walked through the aisles, I was astonished at how empty the shelves were. To be honest, there were quite a few times I had to remind myself not to buy into the panic and get more than I really needed.

Fear does crazy things to us; it can cause us to hoard and hold tightly to the strangest things. We have created a system where stuff = security and because of it, at times like this we think we can’t afford to be generous. It is always amazing to see the things we tend to cling to.

Now, I’m okay with giving you my soup and green beans, but please don’t ask me for my Clorox. It is like gold to me and I find myself rationing it right now. It really has made me a bit more reflective on my life and my value system.

Right now is such a trying time. Financially, people are unsure of how this will affect their homes, the health of our nation and loved ones is still unknown, and we are all thrust into this shaky new existence. So, we hold tightly onto things to convince ourselves that we are fine.

This is all new to some people, but it was my existence when raising my son. As a single mother, the unknown was the only thing I was sure of. Because of that, my heart is heavy with what people face right now. I wish I could take a magic wand and just make everything go Bippety Boppety Bye-Bye. But there is no magic in me and all I can do is write and share my love and concerns through this blog.

This is what I do know. Every little thing is going to be all right. Your biggest fear? You know the one that sucks the air out of you? Guess what, even if you face it you will still be able to stand afterwards. Somehow you will rise up and you will be okay. You are stronger and more capable than you realize.

The unknown? It holds no power. It is a bully that likes to peck at you and distract you from what you do know. And in case you have lost sight of that let me remind you: you are loved, you are safe, and you have everything you need.

And when you find yourself clinging to things like toilet paper, or the latest update on social media, or you keep checking your supplies and worry you are running low, please remember that you have one resource that will overflow. I don’t know what that resource is but everyone has something. There is always one area in your life you can afford to be generous with.

Maybe it is your talent, maybe you are incredibly patient, maybe you have a knack for knowing what to say to calm your littles down and bring peace to your home. You might be an organizer who can reach out to your community, or a great letter writer who can send letters to nursing homes and elderly who are virtually cut off from the world. Or, maybe you have strong knees and can afford to be generous with your prayers. It is different for everyone, but each of us has something we can be generous with, even when we find ourselves clinging to our Charmin.

So today with you I’m sharing love and hope because it is overflowing in my life right now. I believe in you, in us, and in our ability to weather this storm and come out of it renewed and ready to tackle life in a better way.

I am grateful for this season that seems to be thrusting families together, for seeing communities partner, to have the opportunity to value those like teachers, grocery clerks, and truck drivers who so often fly under the radar.

And I pray for peace in your hearts and your homes, that we all find ways to be generous with whatever it is we have to give.

This time can be a gift, a season to reset our lives and I am thankful to be going through it with you. I am cheering you on every single day because I love you wildly and want every good thing to invade your life through this.

Until next week, stay safe and be courageous. You’ve totally got this.

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