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You're doing amazing, sweetie!

I have a room filled with motivational sayings. Sometimes when I walk in there, it can feel like my walls are yelling at me.

Be kind. Seize the day. Hustle. Dream big. Live. Breathe. Relax. There are times I stand in the middle of the room and laugh because this is a literal representation of what goes on in my brain on any given day.

While I am drinking my morning coffee I wonder, “Am I brave? Do I need to simplify? Am I a BOSS? Do I dare to dream? Am I kind enough? Is my faith strong enough? Is my love deep enough?”

It is no wonder that I am exhausted by 10 AM and defeated by noon.

We talk about expectations placed on us by society. Insane beauty standards and work ethic. But let me tell you something. Cosmo and Vogue have nothing on my inner dialogue.

They are amateurs compared to the little game I like to play with myself called, “It’s 3 AM, let’s lie awake and evaluate my life choices.”

I’m going to take a leap here and say I am not alone in this experience. I have a hunch our inner dialogue has a tendency to turn into a staff sergeant - all in the name of positivity.

But here is a little secret I am finally figuring out. Even if we don’t have a sign up reminding us to be kind, we will probably do it anyway. Because, at our core, we are decent human beings. I see it everywhere in this crisis and none of us are doing it because some sign reminds us.

I am discovering that we’ve got this. Life may seem out of control and people may have moments of crazy, but on a whole, love still exists and we keep showing up to do the best we can.

More and more when my walls and my inner sergeant yells at me with their motivational mantras, I try to remember that.

It’s simple. The only thing that really needs to be said is “You’ve got this.” And you do. Whatever it is, even amid this chaos or your anxiety, and even when this is all over and life returns to its new normal.

Trust me, I promise, in the immortal words of Kris Jenner, “You’re doing amazing, sweetie!”

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